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Hauter Fireworks was founded by Shaun Hauter in 2018. But don’t let that fool you into thinking Shaun is new to the pyro world — quite the opposite. His love of fireworks began at a very young age, when the Hauter family would attend small, annual town fireworks displays in central Illinois in the mid 80s. It was a family affair, and Shaun was intrigued by the activity “behind the curtain”, wanting to know what the set up was like, what the fireworks mortars looked like, and how it all worked. The love of fireworks never subsided, and until 2009 was just a hobby.

Shaun-Hauter-FireworksBut in 2009, Shaun attended a safety course for professional grade fireworks training and was instantly captured by the fireworks/pyro culture and fell in love with fireworks all over again. He became initially licensed to operate fireworks displays in the state of Missouri. Within three years Hauter obtained fireworks licenses in five states and began producing large displays across state lines at large firework convention shows with a company he partnered with regularly. They helped train him to become a Pyro Professional while designing fireworks displays for KISS, Springfield Cardinals, Lucas Oil Speedway, and many others.

Over the following decade, Hauter became the go-to guy for imaginative and breathtaking fireworks displays of all sizes and types. Soon, Shaun’s friends would ask “Hey man, can you get me some fireworks?”  Unfortunately the professional grade fireworks he used were not for consumer use.

Hauter Fireworks was born, a retail business created to help spread the joy of fireworks with friends, family and the public. His mission and business model is to provide the very best quality products to their customers at the LOWEST prices anywhere. The business continues to grow with new locations every year maintaining prices that beat the competition, matching their prices every time. Hauter’s relationships with suppliers and buying in bulk importing overseas containers full of the best factory-direct fireworks available provide him the direct connections needed to do so.

Hauter Fireworks isn’t just about great retail tent locations during the summer season, they are a year-round, full service pyrotechnic company, professionals that have the experience to engineer and produce amazing displays for any size or occasion, and have a passion for lighting up the sky with fire and color.